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About Me:

I recently graduated from Northern Illinois University (NIU) with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration with a Marketing Minor.

During my final year at NIU, I had the pleasure of working in the University's Division of Marketing & Communications as Social Media Assistant alongside a talented team. My work encompassed the ever-evolving field of digital marketing, and as such was divided between (1) Community Management of NIU's social media channels and (2) Database Analytics so as to developing actionable insights for higher-level decision making.

Some of the highlights from my time there include:
1. Developing and introducing a formula to accurately quantify and compare audience engagement across time periods and social media channels
2. Revising social media analytics submission requirements for use by over 200 offices across the University

I originally joined the Division of Marketing & Communications following the successful conclusion of a consulting project that I was part of on their behalf. The project was through NIU's College of Business (COB) Experiential Learning Center (ELC), and our directive was to help improve communications efforts between the University and students. As one of six team members, I focused my attention on improving social media initiatives, and identified over $7,000 in potential annual savings while doing so. After presenting these findings, I was invited to join the Division to oversee and implement many of these initiatives.

My Specialties:

» Social Media Strategy
» Content Marketing
» Community Management
» Social Media Marketing

Presentation to Doug Baker, President of NIU, and Board of Directors

During my final semester, I joined another ELC project sponsored by Caterpillar Inc.

Caterpillar enlisted our Experiential Learning Center team to benchmark and collect best practices for War Gaming, identify Caterpillar internal War Gaming knowledge & needs, and deliver a well-documented war gaming process ready for deployment to support strategic planning.

As assistant coach for this team, it was my responsibility to guide and facilitate the team's efforts in line with Caterpillar's expectations. The team was very successful, and we presented our research and recommendations to Caterpillar's competitive intelligence team at their headquarters in Peoria, IL.

My Caterpillar Team in Peoria with the CAT Competitive Intelligence Team
Caterpillar Team in Peoria without Project Sponsors